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Supporting New Mexico's Behavioral Health Collaborative
Participating Member Agencies: BHSD, CYFD, ALTSD

Provider Login

Account Questions

How do I reset my password?

  1. Go to the login page for bhsdstar:
  2. Click the Did you forget your password? link.
  3. Enter your email address and click Submit.
  4. The system will send you an email with a link to reset within 5 minutes. (Be sure to check your Junk/Spam inbox as well)

How do I change/update my profile information?

  1. Sign into bhsdstar.
  2. Click your name in the upper right corner.
  3. Click Update Profile.
  4. Edit the data as needed and click Update.

How do I change/update my password?

  1. Sign into bhsdstar.
  2. Click your name in the upper right corner.
  3. Click Change Password.
  4. Enter your current password.
  5. Enter your new password twice and click Update.

 How do I add new staff who provide services to our clients?

Contact your organization’s Vendor Administrator to ask them to add the Staff and their licensure in Vendor Registration.

How do I add/delete bhsdstar access for my staff or add an administrative user to access bhsdstar?

  1. Go to Manuals/Guides at
  2. Click Staff Registration Form.
  3. Click Open.
  4. Print, fill out the form, and submit to your organization’s primary or secondary contact.
  5. They will approve and need to send via email to

 How do I delete staff who are no longer working for our organization?   

  1. Send an email to
  2. Specify the Staff that needs to be deleted and the effective date.

Client Registration Questions

 How do I register a client? 

 Please refer to the training materials provided for Client Registration. ​ 

 Where do I request Prior-Authorization for services?  

 The Collaborative has eliminated prior-authorizations. They are no longer needed for services rendered after July 1, 2017.    ​​

What do I do with clients who were pre-populated in bhsdstar but are no longer receiving care from us? 

 Please complete a Deactivation for the client under the Mandated Data tab on the Client’s Dashboard.    ​​

How do I combine records for clients with the same name and duplicate Client IDs?   

  1. Send an email to
  2. Specify the Client ID number you want to keep.
  3. Specify the duplicate Client ID you want to merge into that record.

How do I correct the spelling of a Client’s name or add/update any of their information?    

From the Client Dashboard:
  1. Click Profile.
  2. Click any of the fields and enter/edit the information.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Contacts.
  5. Click any of the fields and enter the phone information.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Address & Phone.
  8. Click any of the fields and enter the information.
  9.  Click Save.
Tip: To cancel entry of the changes click Cancel.

What is an MRN?

The (MRN) Medical Record Number is the Vendor’s unique identifier for that client.   ​​

Billing Submission Payment Questions

How do I submit Claims to Falling Colors?

Falling Colors will process claims for BHSD and/or CBHD non-Medicaid services for FY18.  Claims can be submitted to Falling Colors through our Clearinghouse Claim MD.
Providers can enroll with Claim MD at and submit claims via manual entry or via electronic upload of an 837P or 837I. There is No Cost to the provider for submitting claims directly to Falling Colors via Claim MD. (existing Claim MD customers do not need to re-enroll, but will just submit a claim using payer ID FCC20)
Providers can also submit claims to Claim MD via an already established relationship with their own Clearinghouse. Please ask your Clearinghouse to contact Claim MD at (855) 757-6060. Our Payer ID is FCC20.
Providers who will be submitting claims will need bhsdstar system access for the Claims Project to pre-register the claims clients. Please fill out the staff registration form located on the Manuals/Guides  tab and submit to

For details on 837 P and 837 I required fields refer to the 837 Companion Guide on the Manuals/Guides tab.

If you have any questions, please contact us at    

How do I know why a Claim failed and how to fix it for resubmission?    

  1. Go to
  2. Locate the Claims Billing Guide. This document explains all Billing Rules, Failures Messages, and where to fix in the 837P, 837I, CMS1500, and UB04 claim files.

 How do I bill for previous months if we are past the billing window?

  1. Go to Manuals/Guides tab
  2. Click Request to Open Billing Window Form.
  3. Click Open.
  4. Print, fill out the form, and submit to your Lead Agency Program Manager.
  5. They will need to approve and then you can send via email to

What documents do I need to upload with my invoice?   

Please contact your Lead Agency Program Manager to ask for the Workbook Upload and/or the Provider Invoice Upload templates for your specific project. If you are not sure who your program manager is, ask us at

How do I know when I will get paid for an invoice?

  1.  Sign into bhsdstar.
  2. Click Take Action under Pending Invoices.
  3. Click the Invoice to view details.
  4. View the last action taken in the upper left of the invoice to see if it has been approved by the Lead Agency.
  5. Payments are made within 30 days after approval.

Support Desk Questions

What should I send to and what should I send directly to a Falling Colors staff person?

All issues encountered and questions about BHSDSTAR should be directed to the Support Desk. The support desk is a monitored and tracked email. Questions sent to support will get your question answered the fastest.

How quickly will my ticket be handled?

 When your ticket is received it will be evaluated by a Support Desk agent within 24 hours.  Hours of operation on Monday - Friday.

How quickly will my ticket be resolved?

Resolution times are different depending on the type of ticket:
Billing/Payment related Tickets will be resolved within 24 hours if all required information is provided in the ticket.
Billing Window Request Tickets will be resolved within 24 hours if the required form, Program/Project, and approval is provided in the ticket. Note: Approved requests must come from your Collaborative Member Agency.
Data Change related Tickets will be resolved within 5 days if all required information is provided in the ticket.
Error/Issue related Tickets will be investigated and resolved within 72 hours if all required information to reproduce the issue and a screen shot is included in the ticket.
New Feature Request Tickets will be placed on the BHSDSTAR Product Backlog and prioritized. The ticket will be responded to and closed but the actual system enhancement time-frame is variable and must be approved by the Collaborative designated personnel.
User Access related Tickets will be responded to within 24 hours if the required form is provided in the ticket.

How do I know when a ticket is resolved?

You will receive an email from the Support Desk agent handling your ticket when it is resolved.    ​​

How do I follow-up or request an update on my Support Ticket?

Log into with your email address user name and Support Desk password to view your tickets.
  1. Click Tickets.
  2. Click check ticket status.
  3. Click All Tickets, Open or Pending, or Resolved or Closed.
  4. Click the Ticket to view details.
  5. Click Reply.
  6. Enter note content.
  7. Click Send.
  8. An email will be generated to the Support Desk agent handling the ticket.
  9. You will recive an update from us within 24 hours.

How does a Provider Administrator or BHSD follow-up on a submitted ticket?

Send an email to providing the Ticket ID and question. The 2 tickets will be merged together and both parties cc’d on the ticket responses.

Vendor Registration Questions

Why do Vendors have to register with Falling Colors?

Falling Colors took over the ASO functions for the Collaborative's non-Medicaid funds beginning July 1, 2017. All providers participating in any aspect of BHSDStar must fully register their organization in the system and sign various agreements to participate in Collaborative FY18 funds and/or initiatives.  The Vendor Registration component of BHSDStar collects provider information mandated by the Collaborative Member agencies or is necessary for Falling Colors to collect in order to process payments.

What is the relationship between Falling Colors and BHSDStar?    

Falling Colors built and operates BHSDStar. Vendor Registration how we collect the information from you that the Collabotative requires or we need to conduct our business with you.

I am currently a Falling Colors Vendor and I already have access to BHSDStar portal, do I need to complete the Vendor Registration process?

Yes, Vendor Registration is a new required ASO process to ensure that each vendor is properly registered to participate in BHSD and/or CYFDs provider network for Fiscal Year 18.  Vendor business information, vendor staff information, contracts, SOWs and applicable allocations will be available to each registered provider (vendor) through their own BHSDStar logins.

Do Medicaid-only Providers need to complete the Vendor Register process too? 

Generally, no.  Vendor Registration is for non-Medicaid Behavioral Health providers who will provide services in state fiscal year 2018. However, there are Collaborative supported initiatives through BHSDStar which support some Medicaid funded programs. If you participate in those initiatives, it will be necessary for you to register in BHSDStar. The basic rule of thumb is that if you enter any kind of information into BHSDStar, you will need to register.

Who needs to complete the Vendor Registration process?

All providers who will be submitting any kind of information into BHSDStar in FY18. This includes providers who are already entering data into BHSDStar in FY17. Basically, we are required to collect additional information on every provider who is participating in FY18 Collaborative initiatives..

Do I need to complete a Vendor Registration for multiple locations with one Tax ID?

No.  Providers operating multiple locations with one tax identification number only need to register once and will list their locations in the registration portal.  

What does NPI mean?

A National Provider Identifier or NPI is a unique 10-digit identification number issued to health care providers in the United States by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  It is often needed for billing.    

Is the W-9 and EFT submission required for Vendor Registration?

Yes.  As part of the vendor registration and contracting process with Falling Colors, vendors will be asked to provide business tax information and banking information to receive EFT payment from Falling Colors beginning July 1, 2017. All payments from Falling Colors will be made via electronic funds transfer. If you are participating in a project in BHSDStar but are not being paid by Falling Colors, let us know at that you need an EFT and W-9 exemption form.

Where can I find a W-9 and/or EFT form to fill in and submit for Vendor Registration?

 A blank  W-9 and/or EFT form can be downloaded directly from the Vendor Registration portal.   

Will vendors be able to add/edit/delete Vendor staff as changes occur?

Yes, Vendor Administrators can log into BHSDStar and add staff members as needed.  All staff information, including license/certificate and NPI information will need to be completed.  To delete a registered staff member, a request needs to be submitted to by the Vendor Administrator.

Which staff do vendors need to list in the Staff section of Vendor Registration    

Include the following people in the Staff section:
  1. All employees who render services you include in your billing.   Depending on your contractual statement of work, this can include staff providing direct client services or other services such as training, consulting, or population-based prevention services.
  2. Any subcontracted staff who render services you include in your billing and are billed in BHSDSTAR separately as a contractual service.   Depending on your contractual statement of work, this can include staff providing direct client services or other services such as training, consulting, or population-based prevention services.
DO NOT include the following people in the Staff section:
  1. Billing and other administrative staff that are not paid in full or in part by the Vendor Authority (CYFD or BHSD) funding.
  2. Staff who are billed as part of a subcontract that is billed elsewhere in BHSDSTAR.

Which staff members need NPIs and license/certificates information entered for Vendor Registration?

Enter NPIs for all staff who have an NPI.  Enter licenses and certificates if the staff have a license or certificate needed for billing that is included in the drop-down menu of licenses and certificates.  NOTE: You must upload a copy of all licenses/certificates selected.

Do vendors need to add staff NPIs if they bill as an agency?

Yes, all staff providing services must be registered in Vendor Registration, including licensure/certificate and NPI (if applicable).  This information may be used to determine the fee paid for the service rendered.

If an organization provides evaluation or other consultant services that does not require any of the licenses or certificates listed in the staff registration tab, does the vendor need to register staff? 

Yes, if a staff member performs services for which an organization bills, the Vendor Administrator needs to register the staff member.  The Vendor Administrator does not need to select a license or certificate type if none of the choices apply.   Please add a comment in the History section of the online Registration to explain that staff do not need any of the listed certificates or licenses to perform services to be billed.

Do vendors need to add staff NPIs if they bill as an agency?

Yes, once a Vendor Administrator registers a staff member, the Vendor Administrator can select multiple locations that the staff member is affiliated with.  

General Questions

What is the address for Falling Colors?

Remit to address is: 125 Lincoln Avenue Suite #223 Santa Fe, NM 87501    ​​

Critical Incident Reporting

Critical Incident Reporting

Critical incident reporting for non-Medicaid constituents
As of July 1, 2017, all CIRs for non-Medicaid constituents should be faxed to State of New Mexico Interagency Behavioral Health Purchasing Collaborative using a new CIR form and fax number.