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Please supply the following information to initiate your Work Order:
What is a work order request?

If you need something done and we need to do the doing, a work order that is signed off on by your agency's ASO manager needs to be started. This includes anything that requires a change in the STAR system or getting data out of the STAR system. Examples: changes to funding, projects, or providers in projects; changes to anything related to data elements for projects; and data analysis, data queries or reports.

If you are not sure if you need a work order initiated, contact [email protected] and we can point you in the right direction.
What happens after you submit this form?

By submitting this form, you are requesting we initiate a Work Order on your behalf. Work orders follow a specific process: 

1. We review your request with your ASO manager (ASOM) from the appropriate funding agency
2. The ASOM verifies with the funding agency's executive team if this is a priority 
3. If it is a priority, FC conducts a complete analysis of the requested work
4. FC will contact you if further information or supporting documentation is necessary
5. FC provides detailed work order to the ASOM for signature
6. The ASOM will review with the funding agency's executive team and sign off on the work order, if approved
7. If approved, FC includes work order in next available time slot in collaboration with the funding agency's priorities
Why so much formality?

It is important to make sure contradicting requests do not both get implemented.  Having a single point of request and channel for approvals makes sure this does not happen. FC receives many, many requests for additional work to be performed. Ultimately, the funding agency's executive team decides where they want our attention and their dollars focused.